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Return to play May 17th

We are now allowed to resume classes however we are still at phase 1 of the return to play plan.

1.Padwork with no PPE is now allowed with ANY person, including those not in your bubble. Stipulation is that as soon as padwork is concluded or you are on a break, social distancing should be adhered to.

2. There is no limit on indoor group sizes for organised sport, however a limit will still need to be maintained to ensure social distancing can take place as per capacity limits.(100sqft per person).

3. A record of all participants needs to be kept by Reg, so it will take less time if you just tell him you are attending and he can do his list before hand. Booking via Wix is the easiest way.

We will still be adhering to the return to play action plan approved by sport England and DCMS which was put together by a number of kickboxing organisations.

The framework can be downloaded below.

One to one's available from early morning, contact Reg directly.

Please note there are price changes for classes

Cash/in person- £7


Kickboxing training from 7.45pm Monday & Wednesday, and Saturday 1.30pm.

To adhere to the return to play model we must follow the following rules.

Each person should carry out a self assessment prior to attendance(this is on the rtp document)

Santise your hands on arrival and on leaving

Bring your own equipment and sanitise equipment after use

Social distancing can be suspended for training exercise but must be adhered to outside of this.

We ask that people follow these simple rules so the club can start to get back on its feet and not be found wanting if we are inspected. We look forward to seeing you all back training.

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