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Return to Play

Yes we're back tomorrow, 12 April 2021!  Who's in ?

Training will be a bit different as Covid stipulations will apply. There will be no organised classes as these are not allowed. The gym will however be open and the facilities can be used and Reg Jones will be on hand to offer advice and guidance. Circuit stations will be set up. Each person must train as an individual or in their social bubble. Please bring your own equipment or ask Reg who has items for sale.

Our return is as per Government guidelines which are uploaded to the website for your reference.

We will be adhering to the return to play action plan approved by sport England and DCMS which was put together by a number of kickboxing organisations. We are not obliged to join these organisations but can operate under their framework. The work they did is much appreciated.

The framework can be downloaded below. We will be allowed to go to phase 1 for adults.

One to one's available from early morning, contact Reg directly.

Open Kickboxing training from 7.45pm Monday & Wednesday, and Saturday 1.30pm. The gym facilities will be available during this time.

Bring a bubbled partner (if possible).

Please book in for training via the app or notify Reg directly as numbers are restricted.

Looking forward to seeing you all, it's been a while.

Bookings can be made via the app. It will be strictly 16 persons allowed only in the building, so you MUST book in either personally with Reg or on the app.

A big thank you to those who have supported Reg (in any way) through this time, your help has been invaluable and won't be forgotten 🥊🥊🥊

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If you've been absent for a while, come train this Saturday the 7th of January FOR FREE Also regulars bring a friend/s for a free lesson 2023 Let's get it 🥊

1 Comment

Reg Jones
Reg Jones
Apr 11, 2021

Can't wait to het back to it 🥊🥊🥊

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