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Its been a while since we have updated. Most of you will know that Sifu Reg caught Covid and thankfully is on the road to recovery. The gym is again closed and Sifu is looking at other ways to train. He has private lessons via zoom and has been doing zoom classes for over a year with some students who are now looking towards their 2nd lockdown belt.

It isnt ideal but zoom is a way to stay connected and also to motivate you to exercise. Without the padwork, Reg has had to come up with new ways to train, be it dragon form, techniques or a ridiculous amount of squats, he has done them all. Reg still has some lingering issues from the COVID virus but is still teaching. He continued to teach from his arm chair whilst infected and is looking to regain his fitness levels after having these diminished by Covid. He will be trialling zoom classes on Monday and Weds at 1900 hours , starting Weds13th Jan 2021. He will also be doing some morning sessions via facebook. So log in, get involved. For those who are shy, the students doing this for a year are in their 40's and have a good laugh.

so see you online!

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If you've been absent for a while, come train this Saturday the 7th of January FOR FREE Also regulars bring a friend/s for a free lesson 2023 Let's get it 🥊


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