CLASSES ARE BACK!!🥊🥊We are now at phase 1 of the return to play combat sports framework action plan.

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you feeling like a new challenge?

Always wanted to do a martial art but were too afraid to take the first steps into the gym? 

Come and join us at Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing. We have students from all walks of life of mixed abilities. We dont make you buy anything you dont want to and ego is left at the door, we are all equal and everyone is treated as such. All you need is you, your gym gear and some gloves. We are a relaxed,friendly club who strive to help you gain whatever target you wish to attain, be it weight loss, fitness,belt grading or competitions,just drop in or contact Sifu Reg Jones for more information.

We still need to adhere to regulations around the DCMS return to play plan so please read below.

1) We still need to keep a list of those who attend, so let us know beforehand to save time on the night.

2) Please do not gather in groups outside - wait in the car and please don't turn up early.

3) Doors will not be opened until we are ready.

4) SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST STILL BE MAINTAINED outside of training ie. During breaks

5) Please arrive ready just take off shoes & socks and ready to train..

6) If you feel ill STAY AWAY!

7) Carry out a self assessment prior to training.

8) Please use the QR code to scan in, hand sanitise on ARRIVAL and leaving.

9) Please bring your own equipment. There is none available to lend out. See Reg Jones if you wish to purchase any.

10) Padwork can now be carried out wuth anyone.

11) One at a time in the toilets..

12) Spray and sanitise your own training area and equipment with spray provided after training.

13) Please leave as soon as possible after the class to avoid crossing over with the next one.

7.45 - 9.00pm MIXED

7.45 - 9.00pm MIXED

1.30pm - 3.00pm MIXED

One to one lessons still available mornings and afternoons.

Contact me on here or by phone to prebook classes or to voice any concerns.

Sifu Reg



Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing
Old Star Cinema
Glenthorpe Crescent
Off York Road(opposite Irish Centre)
Leeds LS9 7QP

£7 per session- cash                                    £6 per session via Wix/paypal



Our Background

Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art but found it too daunting to go for that first lesson?

Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing welcomes everyone with open arms. The first lesson is FREE so why not come down to one of our classes and try it out.

We pride ourselves on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to achieve success in terms of fitness, self-confidence and ability, with a passion for the sport.

The club is currently run by Sifu Reg Jones. He is assisted by his black belt students.

Leeds Freestyle has been established over 40 years, combining traditional martial arts with modern training techniques to create a system suitable for the generation of today.

A kickboxing club which is experienced in a wide range of martial arts. 



Helping Students Grow

Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing would not be the same without our Sifu Reg Jones.
Chief Instructor at
Leeds Freestyle Kickboxing
Practising for 44 years


Chief Instructor

Styles practiced...
Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Taichi, Taekwondo, Karate, Preying Mantis, Boxing, Weapons, Self-defence, sampled most styles.

Numerous trophies
locally, Nationally and World levels

Reg also offers 1 to 1 personal training. Please click here for contact details.



07912 526345

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